Want to have that trim toned body, but not sure what or how to even get close there?
The doctor’s been on you about keeping yourself healthier, but your world just seems to scream WORK everywhere you go.
Not really a morning person, but you would not mind lifting a few weights and breaking a sweat away from the hot sun outside?
I think we have just what you need!

Looking for the best

Looking for the best? Look no further, that’s what we strive to provide. Pioneers in our field, we promote wellness and perfection on every level. We strive to provide equipment which will enhance fitness to both the body and mind, helping a person excel in their every aspect of life.

Life as we see it is getting more hectic, we barely have time to breathe, let alone be able to manage our body.
Our equipment provides you with easy access to get your daily exercise. We believe that everyone must keep their health as prior importance thus, we have teamed up with the best equipment providers around the world to bring you the best for your money.

We make sure be give a personal touch to the experience of every exercise, we understand the ideas of the operators of the industry in a personal way and cultivate a culture that believes in shared respect and the overwhelming returns.

How we build ?

We build for you, club houses which aims at providing its members with delight and refinement, spectacular designs, calming ambiance and without mention, our top-notch construction quality with long term value. Meticulous positioning for their constructions in prime locations with excellent amenities.
The amenities we provide are nothing less than perfection combined with our vast experience in this field, we know exactly what you need.

We build you, not just a space with equipment, but an atmosphere to rejuvenate, get in shape, both body and mind and most importantly time away from these strenuous activities of daily life.

Our Range

Our range of Fitness Equipment is used in Luxurious hotel gyms, so if your traveling you can still keep up with that exercise routine! Over load of work? Your boss is cramming you with deadlines and target goals, no worries, we cater to the Corporate Sectors as well! So you can spare a couple of minutes and hit the treadmill or do some cardio.

We bring to you Pro Bodyline Fitness,Nordick Track (USA) and Life fitness (USA) these international well-renowned brands, hold art of perfection, and years of satisfied customers. Their equipment which ranges from Commercial, Semi Commercial & Personal Use Body Fitness Equipment.

Quality, Customer satisfaction and absolute attention to the smallest detail, only the best we provide.
Our equipment is designed to help an individual achieve exactly what they require in order to keep fit.
We have what you need, and we’ll make sure to keep you smiling for years with your buy from us.

See career opportunities across all of Jayant fitness centres, including stores and corporate.