Jayanth Pro bikes & Fitness a family owned business established in the year 1955 is the leading distributor of Pro bikes and Fitness equipment all across Bangalore. With excellence in quality and delivery to customers creating great customer satisfaction

Quality first, being our motto, we ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the products that are acquired from us. The Pro bikes and Fitness equipment we offer are timbre in nature and flawless.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what we follow, to ensure that every need and requirement is met. We cater to a variety of buyers who’s needs are our priority and we make sure to come through. Our staff, being highly knowledgeable with our products and qualified to be at your service.

Our customers vary from different age groups from young children to professional bikers.
We set the pace, and have led our company through serving a community of adventurers, which love the road’s.

Our Belief

Our belief is that outdoor activity does create a great sense of fulfillment and joy and a form of togetherness among people

Be it making sure, that your little one has his or her perfect dream bike, or the right set of trainers to the best quality mountain bike for the passionate adventurer, we have the perfect goods for you.
We believe in what we sell, and strive to promote the biking culture all over India
We offer only the best, with state of the art engineering put behind each and every one of our products alongside style, protection and the very best function giving you years of rides with smiles.


We are pioneers in the distribution domain of Firefox bicycles. Our company offers around 30 kinds of bicycles Covering the full spectrum of mountain, all-terrain, road, BMX & kids bikes. We are proud to say that we have a complete range of bicycles which are manufactured to meet the highest international standards. Jayanth Pro bikes & Fitness is one of the very few distributors of Firefox bicycles in India.

We, Jayanth Pro bikes & Fitness is also ahead in supporting Para Athletes in India. Everyone deserving an equal chance at everything, we believe in breaking barriers, and pushing others ahead, we conduct some of the biggest sporting events for those physically challenged. We firmly believe that nothing is impossible if provided the right amount of support and wish to promote this on a much larger scale. We give back and think it’s the responsibility of everyone too as well. Starting step by step, we encourage this project to grow, by giving it our best, as well as encouraging others to do so.

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